Documents Served & Procedural Rules

Outstanding Expertise

Process Servers Group has for years regularly served documents of all varieties and we maintain an expert knowledge of all general legislative and specific CPR rules as well as all other regulatory requirements, both as to the methods of service and also as to the evidential consequences.

Types of Documents Served

The full spectrum of legal documents are served regularly by our process servers on a daily basis with full compliance as to methods of service under existing legislative and procedural requirements as applicable to each document from time to time.

Documents routinely served by Process Servers Group include, inter alia:

    • N39 Order to Attend Court for Questioning
    • N79A Suspended Committal Order
    • N62 Order for Production
    • N63 Notice to Show Cause
    • Statutory Demand
    • Bankruptcy Petition
    • Winding-Up Petition
    • Possession Order
    • Notice to Quit
    • Notice Seeking Possession
    • Claim Form
    • Applications
    • Non-Molestation Order
    • Residence Order
    • Occupation Order
    • Committal Notice
    • Prohibited Steps Order
    • Divorce Petition
    • Witness Summons
    • Subpoena
    • Freezing Order
    • Break Notice


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